Team E3’s Back With More Updates

July 4, 2012

The E3 team is back to grace the gamers following the PS3 scene. They’ve come back with news related to their dongle to their E3 Move bundle, to the extra little goodie. Check it all out below.

The E3 team has finally put their E3 Move accessory bundle on the market. The bundle consists of a bluetooth earpiece, camera and of course, the navigation and motion controllers. The entire bundle is available for $70.

To celebrate the release of the E3 Move bundle, they have also released another game update. This time around, it’s the v1.01 update for Disney Universe. Alongside all of the news, the team has somewhat clarified some information regarding their upcoming dongle.

We notice lots of user care for our new usb dongle . We are still working hard on it, and here reveal some features:

  • It is easy upgrade, plug and update.
  • It will support all PS3 game, include all game’s update & DLC.
  • It will work on New high CFW in the future.
  • It can only work game which modified by E3TEAM.

You can get your fixes from E3’s site below.

Download: Disney Universe v1.01 Update Patch (Password: e3movesuit)

Source: E3 via PS3Crunch

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