Team Rebug is still alive!: Yay.

February 19, 2014

As it seems the new rebug 4.55 that will come has some of the cobra 7 features ;)

quote from evilsperm: (Yesterday, 09:56 AM)

We are still alive
Just have been busy paying bills, and yes WTF_Rebug we will do what ever the **** we want and not adhere your schedule…
So unless you start paying our bills shut the **** up ;P
Also realize no one helps us financially, so when a system goes down we replace it on our own dime. We are currently down to 1 system each so if one dies on us we/you are fuct because I know I’m not buying another system again as I have too many bills to pay, and I am positive the same goes for cyberskunk. So sit back relax and wait for our release or go move to some other firmware.
We were going to release 4.53 but got caught up actually fixing all the cobra patches “Correctly” along with a host of other features.
Then just when thing were looking like they were finished 4.55 was released…
So now everything has to be re-patched re-tested and some things need to be tweaked again, then it will be time for a release, but we are not going to release something half assed. Remember that Rebug innovates and everyone making CFW these days uses Rebug patches not the other way around… So once we have the features we want in there and its working to perfection, only then will there be a release. Sorry that I can not give you all an ETA on a release date



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