Team SGK Releases CFW With NOR Fix

May 5, 2013

Team SGK has updated their 4.40 custom firmware yet again. Version corrects a problem relating to the NOR on Slim PS3s running earlier versions of the 4.40 custom firmware. On top of that, a 4.41 spoofer was added in so that users will be able to access the PSN and other online services. The changelog hasn’t been updated between versions with the exception of the changes mentioned above. However, if you are an user of SGK’s firmware, you should update to this version to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

You can download the latest version of Team SGK’s 4.40 custom firmware below. Remember that you take the necessary precautions when flashing this firmware, in case something goes wrong. As always, you will need a PS3 on official firmware 3.55 or any custom firmware, in order to install this.

Download: Team SGK Custom Firmware

Source: Team SGK [Google Translate]

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