Teen Banned From Playing Video Games

September 25, 2013

I was debating whether this was news worth or not, but after a few minutes i decided that it will stir a conversation, so decided to post about it.

A 17 year old from Racine County, Wisconsin, USA, has been banned from playing video games, after being a total ass hole when his mother asked him to stop playing his PS3, here is a quote from the source:

Racine County prosecutors charged Jeffery A. Ehlers, 17, of the 2400 block of North Newman Road, on Monday with disorderly conduct. He was charged as an adult after Mount Pleasant police were called to his home Sunday by his mother after he allegedly uttered obscenities while losing as he played a video game, according to his criminal complaint. The mother told police her son is addicted to playing video games and she asked him several times to stop playing because he becomes very angry while playing, the complaint stated.

She said she told him she would take away his Playstation 3 if he didn’t stop, but he began yelling, calling her derogatory names and swearing at her, the complaint stated.

When she unplugged the game, he allegedly began pushing her, became increasingly violent, began throwing things around his room and slammed the door a handful of times, the complaint stated. His mother reported Ehlers also slammed the laundry chute door plus other items around the house, according to the complaint.

During Ehlers’ initial appearance in court Monday, Court Commissioner Alice Rudebusch gave him a $250 signature bond, and ordered him not to play any video games nor have violent contact with his mother and family.


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