Tekken Tag Tournament 2 For CFW Users

September 21, 2012


What makes this unique is the fact that this game requires firmware 4.21. So the question that begs is… what methods are been used here? Surely this does not require a 3.60 game update patch fix. Can it be 4.xx keys that others possibly have? Are they using an EBOOT from another game? Many questions arise but those in the know how will surely keep it a secret for a while. Some will agree that they simply don’t care about the methods involved as long as they have ways of playing newer games that they own for free. And when I say free I mean no DRM dongles like True Blue.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 JPN fix has been released. But don’t fret as I have been informed that this fix works with other regions.



NoRePack Presents. It’s NoT a repack



PS3 CFW 3.40+

Region  Japan

Language JAP/ENG and more…

Supplier Team NoRePack

rlz.Date 2o12-o9-21

Serial BLJS10187

One of our best supplier Has returned to the embrace of God. Thanks XiaoJie for his contributions, So that we want to rls this patch for the game which is his last supply. Rest In Peace XiaoJie God Bless His Family!

Works with: Tekken_Tag_Tournament_2_JPN_PS3-NRP

Love & Peace! Enjoy!

iF u LOvE or HATe THiS GAmE, BuY iT

Source: ps3news

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