Temperature Rises With New multiMAN Update

October 2, 2012

This little app will report live temperatures of the CPU & GPU of your PS3. Something I’m sure many of you would want, to be able to see what temperatures your PS3 is running at. It didn’t take long for deank to snap up the code needed and add it to multiMAN. He has tweaked it a bit so that it reports both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Now in multiMAN 04.06.02 you have four options. Disable, Enable, Auto & Auto Fahrenheit. “Auto” will cycle the temperatures and time while “Auto Fahrenheit” will display all the info. (Date/time/temperature)


Changelog: multiMAN 04.06.02

  • Added option in “Settings” – “Show Temperature Data” in Clock area (Disable/Enable/Auto) (thanks to Mysis and 3141card_)

On other related news. Deank informs me that online updates for multiMAN versions below 04.06.00 will no longer be supported. This takes effect on October 10th.

  • Also “online update function of multiMAN” will stop working on October 10th for versions

Download: multiMAN 04.06.02 (CEX Update PKG)

Download: Standalone PKG by 3141card_

Sources: boerse.bz, psx-scene & deank

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