Tetzrep’s New MK9 Mod Brings Bones to Kombat

December 3, 2012

In the past, Tetzrep and his team have allowed us to go way beyond what the developers  intended with original release of Mortal Kombat 9. Through  a little bit of artful developing, hackers have more  or less been able to mess around with just about every NPC possible in just about any gameplay mode they choose. In some senses then, you would expect that these guys had accomplished every bit of energy they had hoped to squeeze from a single game, but I can assure you that this is certainly not  the case.

Thanks to this latest mod pack, you’ll be able to play as the skeleton bodies of most of your favorite characters. Want to see what the bony trim of Sonya looks like under that snazzy workout suit? Then this mod can make that happen for you. The screenshots also show us that other than Sonya, there are also bone models created for Reptile, Barka, Sheeva, and Scorpion as well too so you’ll have a lot to choose from should you choose to install this add on. This mod might sound kind of silly to most, but when your skeletons start doing flaming backflips and breathing fire you’ll see that this  is really quite awesome to give a spin every  now and again. As most of these changes are, the install looks rather simple and is illustrated by this tutorial video. Unfortunately, if you have previously modified your PS3 TOC, you’ll be in for a lot of manual changes included in the readme.


Tags: homebrew, mk9, mortal kombat 9, PS3 Hacks, ps3 mods, tetzrep

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