TGS 2013: Deep Down showcases next-gen gameplay and remote play

September 19, 2013

Almost a half year has passed since Capcom first threw gamers into the depths of their next gen effort. Is Deep Down a PlayStation 4 must have, and if so what are the elements that make this game a potential system seller? A closer look at this mysterious game as seen during the Tokyo Game Show 2013.

In February 2013 Sony held a conference named See the Future . In the months since it has been well documented how Sony strengthened the credit they have with gamers worldwide due to the direction they seem to take with the PlayStation brand. One of the games that was unveiled during this February show was Capcom’s Deep Down.

Tokyo Game Show 2013 offers gamers a more extensive look at what this game has to offer. Here is what we know about the game:


The game is set in 2094 New York where you take control of a “gifted” person who can “see” the memories of objects, enabling your character to interact with these memories and physically dive into the past. Deep down offers procedurally generated dungeons, equipment and monsters connected by a hub world allowing players to enjoy both a single and a multiplayer dungeon crawler experience

(Deep Down seems like a mash up of popular games like Demon Souls, Soul Sacrifice and Assassin’s Creed randomly generated setting)


Visually the game looks absolutely stunning due to the combined power of the PlayStation 4 and the Phanta Rhei engine which Capcom created. Players can choose to play the game in either first or third person view, either way it will be hard to look at this game and deny the case it makes for next gen gaming.


Like previously mentioned the game offers procedurally generated dungeons equipment and enemies. This effectively means that no two play through should be alike offering big replay value to gamers.

Single player

Part one of live stage showing of Deep down showed a Raven wielding a spear, effectively diminishing the beasts lurking in the shadows of the dungeon, defusing traps while collecting experience/loot.


Capcom even went as far as showing how Deep Down’s multiplayer could be experienced on PlayStation 4 in tandem with remote play on PS Vita. This feature allows a friend with a PS Vita connected to PS4, to cooperatively take on the dungeon and battle a huge dragon together.

Watch the live stream this Capcom’s presentation below. The Deep Down presentation starts at the 1:37:10 mark and the (remote play) co-op gameplay at 1:43:52

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