ThatOtherDev Presents: Hero City 2

September 3, 2012

ThatOtherDev who also goes by the name ThatOtherPerson returns with another homebrew game for you to check out. The name of this game is called Hero City 2 and you get to beat up people and collect stuff. Hero City 2 is a port of the Hero City homebrew originally released for the Wii. With the port, you get to enjoy roaming the city at 60 frames per second in HD while completing tasks, upgrading your abilities and progressing through the game. It sounds like a crossover between the Grand Theft Auto and Spiderman series.

Here’s a video by manster giving a quick preview of Hero City gameplay.

You can delve into the life of the mian character and get to exploring Hero City. You can pick up Hero City 2, below at the usual spots.

Download: Hero City 2 v1.3 [via PlatonicRobot | via Brewology]

Source: PSX-Scene

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