ThatOtherDev Presents: They Do Not Die 2

June 16, 2012

ThatOtherDev is back with another homebrew to grace your PS3s. The name of the game this time is They Do Not Die 2 and it looks and sounds exactly like it does.

They Do Not Die 2 is your typical Zombies game. You’re the lone wolf… Well, more of the lone arrow and you’ll have to survive endless amounts of attacks from other arrows. You have the ability to walk and run around the world but you can only go so far without losing. To help blast your way through, you’re equipped with a machine gun, rocket launcher and shotgun.

It’s all tasty choices but will you allow the zombies to get one for you or the gun?

You can download They Do Not Die 2 from PlatonicRobot or Brewology. There’s also a version available for Windows, if you’re so inclined to play on there.

Download: They Do Not Die 2 v0.8 ( PlatonicRobot | Brewology )

Source: PSX-Scene

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