ThatOtherPokemon Game. Nothing But Potential.

June 15, 2012

New from ThatOtherDev is the beginning of a gray scale retro homebrew game with nothing but potential.

Now I know what you’re thinking “really another Pokemon homebrew?” and normally I would echo the same sentiment but as is the case with ThatOtherDev, when he builds something its worth a look. So lets take a look at what he’s offering.  ThatOtherDev has started a project that is still kind of up in the air so far.  You can walk around the Pokemon world that you would remember from the original games… and that’s about it at this point. You can’t enter buildings, caves, and things of that nature but you can walk though things by holding X.

What’s interesting is that there is room to grow with this project.  He’s stated that it could go the way of a Pokemon card game, a horror, or maybe even a shooter with high contrast blood for effect. Now that would be fun, a Pokemon shooter walking around and slaughtering all the cute fuzzy creatures you spent hours trying to catch all 151 of (sign me up). So let’s just wait and see what ThatOtherDev decides to do.

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