The 3.01 exploit games have returned to the PSN!

April 12, 2014

After nearly 4 months of playing cat and mouse, Sony finally brought the exploit titles, used to trigger the TN-V eCFW at firmware 3.01, back.

King of Pool, 101-in-1 Megamix, Fifa (Soccer) 2011/2012, Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks and Persona 2: Innocent Sins, to be specific, are now back at the PSN store and can be bought, redownloaded, etc.

Flashback: December 2013, TN-V eCFW and exploit games

The glorious PSP XMB running at a(ny) PS Vita, via TN-V eCFW

If we look back a few months, we can see that we’ve released basically every 3 weeks an exploit title, which can be used to trigger the TN-V eCFW at the firmware 3.01 (and below).

Despite being (partially) illegal, Sony removed the games from the download lists of their users (the illegal thing) and delisted it in the PSN store (the legal thing).

PS Vita exploit chart

People were unable to buy or redownload said games, to prevent, let us say ‘try to prevent’, them from accessing the TN-V eCFW, until their new firmware 3.10 (and 3.12) fixed the kernel mode exploit and every released usermode exploit for firmware 3.01, even some private ones, like Numblast.

If you had a corrupted backup, and were unable to re-enter the eCFW, now is the chance to redownload your exploit game, transfer it via a PS3 and finally re-use the eCFW, as long as your firmware is still 3.01 or below.

The exploit game chart is now updated, and even features an exploit for the most recent firmware 3.12, as long as you own the japanese exploit title, that was used to run the VHBL at firmware 2.61, and now also at 3.10/3.12, you are able to have both: Online services AND homebrew access.

The information about blacklisted / delisted PSP games, that used to be PS Vita compatible, has also been updated, which should help people to not buy an exploit game, which then can not be transfered to the PS Vita (anymore).

The blacklisting of previous exploit games is currently only present in the North American PSN stores, and does not affect the glorious EU PSN stores, whose exploit games are still transferable to a PS Vita.

Source via The_Zett (That would be me :P)

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