The 50 best PSP / Vita Homebrews in 2013

February 15, 2014

Here is a huge post with the most popular 50 homebrews and tools of the past year for the PSP and the Vita in our database. I should have published this one several weeks ago but didn’t find the time to prepare the list recently. If you are new to the PSP/Vita scene, or if you’re looking for some exciting new content to try, this is what you are looking for! You can find more homebrews on /downloads, and don’t forget to add yours, and to rate your favorite ones. No login is required!

Most of the homebrews are compatible with both the PSP and the vita (in the case of the vita, you’ll need to run VHBL or CEF)

Feel free to report any broken links.

50. Netfront Browser for ARK

This is the Netfront Browser homebrew for ARK eCFW, the original version isn’t able to exit in ARK, this fixes the bug.

Netfront Browser for ARK can be downloaded here

49. Touhou

This is a space shooter inspired by the Touhou project, a series of indie shooter games.

Also known for its longer name kene-touhou-mohofu, this game is cute and action packed. Awesome graphics, music, and overall realization will make you doubt this is actually a homebrew

Touhou can be downloaded here

48. pyMenu

pyMenu is an alternate menu for HBL, PRO and CEF.

Features compatibility with CEF, PRO and VHBL, Mp3 player, Picture viewer, Plugin Manager, etc…

pyMenu can be downloaded here

47. Learn Japanese

A game designed to help learn Japanese by providing lessons and interactive games to help memorize words and phrases.

Learn Japanese can be downloaded here

46. CXMB

A CTF Theme loader for your PSP

CXMB can be downloaded here

61. Fishing

Fishing Simulator! For every fish you are given a certain amount of money (depending on the weight of fish caught). The money is needed in order to raise their standards, leading to the discovery of new lakes, and therefore a new fish. And also the money needed for the store to buy reels, rods, woods. Includes an MP3 player

Fishing can be downloaded here

44. Sonymon

Sonymon is a 2d game where the player can play in one of two modes:
story mode, or free roam…..

-In story mode the player witnesses the creation of “Sonymon” and struggles to
fix the mess they cause.

-In free roam the player walks around collecting items and unlocking secrets, while battling and finding new sonymon.

Sonymon can be downloaded here

43. Nazi Zombies Portable

NZP is one of the most advanced Quake mods around here. If you haven’t heard of this game, the goal is to barricade yourself inside a house constantly attacked by zombies. There’s no doubt you’ll die eventually, but the question is: how long will you last?

Nazi Zombies Portable can be downloaded here

42. Silveredge

Adrenaline packed space shooter!

If you enjoy games such as Tyrian, or Rrootage, Silveredge is for you. AndrewYY worked on this game for one year before submitting it to the Genesis competition, and it shows. The graphics, audio effects, music, menus・everything is really polished and very impressive. From the very beginning of the game, you get into the action, the controls are explained as a quick element in the story, and, well, that痴 a detail but it痴 the kind of stuff that gives us the impression of playing a professional game.

Silveredge can be downloaded here

41. Pro CFW

Unleash the full power of your PSP with the most popular Custom Firmware on the scene! Compatible with all PSP models on firmwares 6.20, 6.35, 6.39, and 6.60

If you don’t know what Pro CFW is yet, here’s what their google code page has to say about it:

  • Homebrew Compatible ? Run your own unsigned applications, both user and kernel mode.
  • Plugin Compatible ? Add new features to your PSP via kernel mode background plugins.
  • ISO / CSO Game Dump Playback ? Backup your own UMD discs via USB and play them from Flash Storage.
  • 2g+ Memory Range Unlock ? Use the previously locked RAM range within your own homebrews.
  • NODRM Engine ? Use your bought DLCs, no matter on which PSN account you are currently logged in.
  • PSX Emulator Unlock ? Play your PSX classics, yes ? all of them. Not just PSN titles.
  • And a lot more・/li>

Pro CFW can be downloaded here

40. PSPokemon Grey

PSPokemon Grey is a Homebrew  based on PSPokemon! It is a Fanmade Pokemon Game.

PSPokemon Grey can be downloaded here

39. Wifihack

Cool application that gives you the default password for some routers. Useful if you lost your password.

Wifihack can be downloaded here

38. Chronoswitch: 6.60/6.39/6.38 Downgrader

Downgrade your 6.60 PSP to a lower firmware, and enjoy the world of Custom Firmwares! Compatible with All models of PSP (1000/2000/3000/Go)

Important note: You also need to download the Official Firmware you want to downgrade to in addition to this download

Some1′s port of Davee’s 6.35/6.31 downgrader to 6.60/6.39/6.38.

Chronoswitch: 6.60/6.39/6.38 Downgrader can be downloaded here

37. ARK

ARK is a PSP Emulator Custom Firmware for your Vita. It supports most PSP Homebrews, plugins, and backups, as well as PS1 games

> PSX game support (soundless so far, our sound plugin is too glitchy for public use at the moment)
> ISO/CSO game support
> NoDRM Engine for decrypted dlc playback
> MS-SpeedBoost (most noticable on games like soul calibur)
> Stargate Game Patches (fixes several anti-cfw games)
> Customizable Main Menu
> Plugin support
> Recovery support
> ISO-cache support (speed up ISO gaming)

ARK can be downloaded here

36. yMenu

An Alternate Menu for VHBL and TN CFE created by wth a.k.a. Yosh.

XMB-like menu, with horizontal sliding instead of vertical like the regular xmb
Supported fonts : supports eboot titles with japanese fonts or european fonts, and utf-8 in general

Supports rar/zip formats

yMenu can be downloaded here

35. Mindcraft

Build your own world, in this 2D Clone of Minecraft

Mindcraft can be downloaded here

34. gpsp

Gameboy Advance Emulator

gpsp can be downloaded here

33. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Battle

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Battle is a Beat em Up Homebrew Game which plays in the Naruto World up to the Newest Events! It is made by shaplayer in LUAPlayerPlus and is based on the Battalla ninja v2.5-Engine by tonos!

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Battle can be downloaded here

32. Polyon Hockey

Polyon Hockey is a mix between tennis and air hockey all in a neon decor. Here you can challenge a friend or battle IA with three levels.

Polyon Hockey can be downloaded here

31. Lamecraft More Terrains Mod

A mod which adds more terrains to s4inex craft

Lamecraft More Terrains Mod can be downloaded here

30. Unofficial NEOGEO Emulator for PSP Mod

This is a mod of MVSPSP.
MVSPSP is a NEOGEO Emulator made by NJ

In addition to the features of MVSPSP, this mod adds the following:
1.Based swarzesherz’s mod
2.Spanish added by swarzesherz (Of course, these support Japanese and English, too.)
3.Cheat added by Davex
4.Work on PSP-3000, Go, Street, eCFW
5.Added a few fix

Unofficial NEOGEO Emulator for PSP Mod can be downloaded here

29. Multi-Menu Loader (Unofficial)

All PS Vita CEF users have heard of Mishka84′s Multi-Menu Loader, which includes the menus made for eCFW & many other options, but don’t confuse this with Acid_Snake’s multiBootMenu.

This one’s an unofficial v2 release, & in it the things users usually don’t like are made better. Such as, they don’t want a credits menu… removed! They don’t like seeing the app name instead of seeing eCFW

This version has much better graphics in all menus, + Netfront Browser.

Multi-Menu Loader (Unofficial) can be downloaded here

28. Mad TV (Fullversion) Eng/Ger

MAD-TV is a PSP Port of a good old TV Manager game

Mad TV (Fullversion) Eng/Ger can be downloaded here


Replace your XMB with this nice customizable environment

SHELL can be downloaded here

26. DaedalusX64

Nintendo 64 emulation at its best! DaedalusX64 is the direct successor of Daedalus

DaedalusX64 can be downloaded here

25. Stickman Jump

The first game from “Team Zenyth”, a french team of devs. This game is a clone of the well known mobile game Ninjump. Game is in French but should be easy enough to understand

Stickman Jump can be downloaded here

24. CEF 6.60 TN

– Custom Emulator Firmware 6.60 TN for PS Vita, with XMB support

– by Total_Noob (individual game exploits by various hackers)
– Features:
* The whole PSP environment
* Recovery menu and VSH menu (many options to set)
* Support of plugins
* CPU speed changement (makes no sense, as the difference is only minimal :P)
* Install Addon
* Network update
* 1.50 kernel homebrews compatibility
* Higher homebrews compatibility (VLF homebrews)
* High PSX compatibility (without sound)
* High backups compatibility
* Support of prometheus patched backups

CEF 6.60 TN can be downloaded here

23. half byte loader (hbl)

have you just updated your psp to the latest Official Firmware and want to play homebrew? good news for you, hbl lets you do just that. No additional download required, just run HBL directly from the PSP Menu, and enjoy playing all your homebrew on 6.60 ofw, without the need for any complex hack.

half byte loader (hbl) can be downloaded here

22. Open CMA

A patch by Virtuous Flame to prevent the PS Vita Content Manager Assistant from connecting to the internet.

The PS Vita comes with a system to copy save files that requires you to be connected permanently to the internet. This system is here to force you to update the Vita when a new version is available. In addition, it might be inconvenient for you to be constantly connected when you want to copy your files from and to the Vita. This patch is here to help you with this situation

Open CMA can be downloaded here

21. Bookr

A nice eBook reader.

Bookr can be downloaded here

20. The PSPIMP

A utility to create, draw and edit images.
Easy to use with many tools such as pipette, various effects, color palette …

The PSPIMP can be downloaded here

19. mp3Play

listen to your favorite MP3 tracks while on game mode. Plum’s release of the app is basically an updated version of the old music.prx plugin, but with some added features and enhancements.

mp3Play can be downloaded here

18. PSPInstaller

download homebrews directly from your PSP with this nice homebrew store!

PSPInstaller can be downloaded here

17. FTP For PS Vita

Coldbird’s FTP server to ease the transfer of files to your Vita

FTP For PS Vita can be downloaded here

16. e[mulator]

the Emulator supports Gameboy, PCEngine, Wonderswan, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, and Nes.

e[mulator] can be downloaded here

15. Savegame Deemer

A plugin that stores your saved games in plain text in ms0:/PSP/SAVEPLAIN. Useful to tweak your savedata: cheat, recover savedata that refuses to work after a firmware update, etc…

Install in ms0:/seplugin and edit your seplugins/game.txt file, like for any other PSP plugin.

Savegame Deemer can be downloaded here

14. Lamecraft

Since it was released in 2011, Lamecraft, a great Minecraft clone, has never lost its popularity. Its creator Drakon updated it to make it compatible with VHBL/CEF on the PS Vita!

Lamecraft can be downloaded here

13. PSP Revolution

Dance-Dance Revolution clone

PSP Revolution can be downloaded here


This homebrew is a simple file manager with the typical functions for manage files.
-Manage files and directory;
-Manage zip and rar files;
-MP3 Player;
-Image viewer.
-Text editor.

PSPDOXMANAGER can be downloaded here

11. CWCheat

cheating utility

CWCheat can be downloaded here

10. VideoPRXmodule v.0.33

Mod of the original Pacman plugin, which has been adapted for use in the new HEN, this plugin named VideoPRxModule can take video on the XMB in. GIF, make catches in the menu and in-game, they’re stored in the TIM-Record folder that is automatically created when recording a video. Catches the saved in. BMP and stored in the PHOTO folder by default.
Note: To capture / stop button.
Note + R Trigger: Start recording 240x136px size.
Note + R Trigger + L Trigger: Start recording 480x272px size.

VideoPRXmodule v.0.33 can be downloaded here


VHBL (Vita Half Byte Loader) is a homebrew Loader for the Playstation Vita. It allows you to play fanmade games and emulators on the PS Vita

VHBL (Fieldrunners version) can be downloaded here

8. Unofficial NEOGEO CDZ Emulator for PSP Mod

This is a mod of NCDZPSP.
NCDZPSP is a NEOGEO CDZ Emulator made by NJ.

7. Cube Runner Advanced (by Zix)

Cube Runner Advanced is a PGU powered puzzle game (engine originally by Stinkee2) in which the goal is to avoid being hit by cubes whilst trying to complete various levels (currently 4).

This is an update by Zix of Stinkee2′s original game entitled “Cube Runner”, the new version adds 3 new, more difficult levels as well as updating the original.

Cube Runner Advanced (by Zix) can be downloaded here

6. 6.60 ME

The “Minimum Edition” CFW by neur0n is an alternate Custom Firmware for those who want to stay up to date on a hackable motherboard (PSP 1000/2000) and don’t want to use Pro CFW or TN Hen

6.60 ME can be downloaded here

5. krap-psp

Krap-psp is the swiss-army knife for your PSP. With this plugin, you can directly from the XMB:
Enable/Disable psp charging, Automatically set cpu/brightness to low, Automatically sleep on a certain battery percent, Easily execute Shutdown,Sleep,Reboot(VSH) on a key combo, Set auto timer for sleep and shutdown,…

krap-psp can be downloaded here

4. Wagic, The Homebrew

Often compared to commercial games for its replay value and quality, Wagic is a heroic fantasy card game, in which you fight as a wizard against the computer. As you win battles, you unlock new game modes and earn credits that allow you to improve your army. Wagic is community driven, entirely customizable (you can create themes, mods, even new rules), available in several languages (English, French, German, spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Serbian), and open source. It currently runs on the Sony PSP, Windows, Linux, and N900 (maemo).

Wagic, The Homebrew can be downloaded here

3. PSP Filer

The most popular File Manager for the PSP

PSP Filer can be downloaded here


SNES emulator. The most stable and praised SNES emulator in the PSP scene. Runs pretty much all games at full speed, has network features.

SNES9xTYL can be downloaded here

1. Prometheus Iso Loader

Liquidzigong’s Iso Loader for the PSP.

Prometheus Iso Loader can be downloaded here

Need more?

Check our list from last year! The Best 50 SP Homebrews in 2012

Again, feel free to add your homebrews and vote for your favorites in our community homebrew database, it’s easy and no login is required!

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