The 50 best PSP/Vita/PS3 homebrews in 2012

January 5, 2013

Here is a huge post with the most popular 50 homebrews and tools of this year for the PSP and the Vita in our database. We’ve also added a few PS3 ones for good measure. If you are new to the PSP/Vita scene, or if you’re looking for some exciting new content to try, this is what you are looking for! The homebrews are in no specific order, but organized by categories. You can find more homebrews on /downloads, and don’t forget to add yours, and to rate your favorite ones. No login is required!

Most of the homebrews are compatible with both the PSP and the vita (in the case of the vita, you’ll need to run VHBL or CEF)

Feel free to report any broken links.

For those of you looking for “out of the box” packages for the UNO exploit, check this awesome thread with hundreds of homebrews by SMOKE



Picodrive running Sega Genesis games on the playstation vita

Homebrew games


  • Nazi Zombies Portable. Protect your base against hordes of zombies, in this excellent game based on the Quake engine
  • SonyMon. Fix the mess caused by the Sonymon!
  • Cave Story. Platform game with a taste of RPG, one of the most famous homebrews ever.
  • Lamecraft. Minecraft clone for the PSP and the Vita
  • Blackballs. A Dragon Ball inspired fighting game
  • gSquare. Action and reflexion in this platform game where you control a square in a world full of danger
  • G.D.P. A 3D space shooter that will change your mind about LUA

Tools and utils

  • FTP For PS Vita. An FTP Utility by Coldbird for your Vita running CEF. The most user-friendly tool to copy isos and homebrews to your vita. (Vita only)
  • The homebrew Network. The playstation store of the homebrew world!
  • WifiHack. Helps you find the default password for some Wifi routers
  • pyMenu. An alternate Menu for VHBL or CEF (Vita only)
  • PS Vita homebrew preparer. Makes your homebrews ready to copy and to use on tools such as VHBL (Tool for windows)
  • VHBL. A PSP Homebrew Loader for the Vita (compatible PSP)

  • HBL. VHBL’s older brother, a homebrew loader for the PSP (not compatible with the Vita!)
  • PS Vita VHBL Transfer Ready. A Utility to make your PSP homebrews ready to install on the Vita, for VHBL
  • MultibootMenu. A Tool to select the menu of your choice in CEF
  • Playstop Network. A playstation Store dedicated to homebrews
  • Chronoswitch. 6.38/6.39/6.60 Downgrader (PSP only)
  • gPlot++. A Function plotter for PSP, now you have an excuse to bring it to school
  • Vita pr0xy. A generic pr0xy with Vita and PSN specific functionality
  • 6.60 ME. Neur0n’s Custom Firmware for the PSP (PSP only)
  • PRXShot. The best screenshot plugin!

A screenshot taken by PRXShot

  • ZeroVSHPatcher. A tool to completely customize your PSP. Fonts, themes, gameboots, modules.. you name it! (PSP only)
  • Pro CFW. The most used PSP Custom Firmware on the scene, open source and has all the features you need. (PSP only)
  • CEF. An emulator Custom Firmware for the Playstation Vita. Run your homebrews and PSP backups on the vita! (Vita only)
  • OpenCMA. A patch to prevent Sony’s Content Manager to require an internet connection every time you want to copy files to your Vita (Windows tool)
  • PRX Decrypter. One of the essential tools to analyze the internals of the PSP
  • yMenu. An alternate menu for VHBL/CEF
  • Bookr. PDF Reader for the PSP/Vita
  • PSP Filer. A File Manager for the PSP and the Vita. Extremely useful on your PSP, essential for your Vita!

PSP Filer


We still don’t have many PS3 utils and homebrews referenced in our Database (please add some!), but some of them still got awesome votes from the community, so they are part of our Top50

  • Xpadder. A Tool to use your PS3 controller on Windows. Tutorial here

Playing PC games with your PS3 controller

  • PS3 Usercheat. A free software version of what used to be an expensive dongle, to cheat in PS3 games
  • PS3LoadX. A tool to remotely load apps on a PS3
  • Snes9x. Port of the famous Super NES emulator for the PS3

How about you, what are the homebrews you’ve played the most this year?

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