The Amazing Spider-Man to Have Move Support, But You Still Won’t Be Able to Climb on Walls

March 27, 2012

Get ready to get really tired when you play The Amazing Spider-Man. Climbing, web-slinging and swinging, and punching bad guys takes it toll dontcha know.

The released box art for The Amazing Spider-Man reveals that it will feature Move support, though how exactly it will work is still unknown. Johnathan Grendon, Bennox’s Public Relations Manager, also confirmed that the game will indeed support the peripheral.

So I guess if you’re interested in Amazing Spider-Man, which is actually looking like a good movie tie-in game because it’s 1) being developed by Spidey game veterans Beenox and 2) straying far away from the movie and will be a sandbox game, you’ll be able to use your Move to do all the Spidey stuff. 

Make sure you drink plenty of water while playing Amazing Spider-Man.

Check out the box art below.

[Via Shack News]

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