The Best PSP/Vita homebrews for April 2014

April 12, 2014

Every month we publish a list of the best Vita and PSP homebrews as voted by our community over the previous month. You can add your own homebrews to our /downloads Database, and vote for your favorite ones. This doesn’t require any login.

This month’s votes feature a nice balance of emulators, utilities, and homebrew games:

10. Easter Game

Easter Game is a Lua-coded homebrew game, where the player’s objective is to catch the falling eggs being laid by the chickens onscreen. In all honesty, I think this one got some attention this month mostly because of our ongoing Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter Game can be downloaded here

9. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Battle

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Battle is a Beat em Up Homebrew Game which plays in the Naruto World up to the Newest Events! It is made by shaplayer in LUAPlayerPlus and is based on the Battalla ninja v2.5-Engine by tonos!

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Battle can be downloaded here

8. Open CMA

A patch by Virtuous Flame to prevent the PS Vita Content Manager Assistant from connecting to the internet.

The PS Vita comes with a system to copy save files that requires you to be connected permanently to the internet. This system is here to force you to update the Vita when a new version is available. In addition, it might be inconvenient for you to be constantly connected when you want to copy your files from and to the Vita. This patch is here to help you with this situation

Open CMA can be downloaded here

7. Wifihack

Cool application that calculates the default password for some routers. Developed by m.rr

Wifihack can be downloaded here

6. Daedalus

Nintendo 64 emulator.

Daedalus can be downloaded here

5. NesterJ

Nes Emulator

NesterJ can be downloaded here

4. Unofficial CAPCOM CPS2 Emulator for PSP

An unofficial mod of CPS2PSP, the CPS2 Emulator made by NJ. Supports eCFW.

Unofficial CAPCOM CPS2 Emulator for PSP can be downloaded here

3. Mad TV (Fullversion) Eng/Ger


A PSP port of the Management Game.

Mad TV (Fullversion) Eng/Ger can be downloaded here

2. Fast loader

Used to load isos, can also dump umds, with the ability to split them into parts.

Fast loader can be downloaded here

1. SGKeyDumper

Lightweight simple plugin to dump a game’s savedata key.

SGKeyDumper can be downloaded here

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What would you recommend to fellow PSP/Vita owners? Feel free to add your homebrews in our database and vote for your favorite ones!

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