The best PSP/Vita homebrews for October 2012

November 1, 2012

Wondering what you should be running on that freshly hacked Vita or PSP? Here is a list of the best 10 homebrews as voted by you in October 2012.

10. Bookr

I’m wondering if there’s a single one of our Top 10 where Bookr wasn’t here.

This awesome PDF reader works on the PSP, as well as on the Vita (either through TotalNoob’s CEF, or with VHBL), and actually fills a void in the PSP/Vita official apps (I’m still amazed Sony did not offer a pdf reader on their devices…)

Download Bookr here


9. Pro CFW

No need to introduce the best CFW on the PSP. If you’re looking for the easiest and most up to date way to install a custom firmware on any PSP, Pro CFW is for you

Download Pro CFW here

8. Blackballs

A Dragonball clone for the PSP with edited and recolored sprites. This is a beta version.

Download Blackballs Beta here


7. Lamecraft

More than a year after its release, this Minecraft Clone is still one of the most popular homebrews ever. People running a Custom Firmware on their PSP, or Total_Noob’s CEF might want to give a try to one of its most famous mods, S4inexCraft

Download Lamecraft here (or try S4inexcraft)

6. Cave Story

When people ask us “why do you fight so hard for stupid fan made games?”, This platform game with some RPG elements is one of the examples we give them.

Download Cave Story here

Cave Story

5. Total_Noob’s CEF, the eCFW for the Vita

With no surprise, Total_Noob’s work makes it to this top 10 this month. Earlier this month, Total_Noob opened the PSP emulator in the Vita to allow us to play all our PSP homebrews and plugins, and it seems I was not the only one to like this release.

Download Total_Noob’s CEF here (Monster Hunter version here)

4. PRXDecrypter

One of the best companions for PSP hackers, prxdecrypter lets you decrypt eboots and prx files. That step is necessary if you want to start reverse engineering the PSP firmware, or games, to look for exploits

Download PRX Decrypter here


3. OPenCMA

Virtuous Flame’s tool to copy files to and from your PS Vita without being connected to the internet has been one of the most popular tools for the Vita since it came out. Besides the “gray area” uses for those of us who don’t want to be forced to update our firmwares when Sony feels like it, there are many perfectly legit reasons to not want to be connected to the internet while you copy files between two devices you own.

Download openCMA here

2. Frontier 1337

A port of the oldschool game Frontier – Elite II. For those too young to know, Elite 2 was a pretty popular Space trading game back in the old days of the Amiga/Atari computers.

Download Frontier 1337 here

Frontier – Elite II

1. ZeroVSH Patcher

A nice tool to customize your PSP’s gameboot and more. Read Mr.rr’s article about this great tool here.

Download ZeroVSH Patcher here

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