The CECH-4000: It Does Exist

July 14, 2012

Remember when the rumor went out of Sony working on a new PS3 model? That turned out to be true as a leaked document and several pictures do all the confirming. Check it all out.

Tecnoblog has obtained the leaked goodies which outline what Sony is planning to do with the PS3 CECH-4000 series. The pictures reveal that it is indeed a slimmer version of the PS3 Slim. It’s been trimmed down to something in line with the PS2 Slim. Unlike past models and SKUs however, all of the hardware will be the same with the exception of the hard drive.

In the leaked letter, the model number / SKU will carry a letter designation at the end of it, which indicates the size of the hard drive. “A” indicates 16GB, (?) “B” for 250GB and “C” for 500GB. These are the designations that were decided upon a month ago. There could be more or less now.

The 4000 series PS3 still features an Ethernet port, HDMI and RGB ports for video and optical audio. It’s unsure what has done in terms of the optical drive. Check out the pictures of the models for yourself. Would you be picking up one of these when released?

Source: Tecnoblog via PS3Hax

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