The CROSS PLANE – A Screened Controller For ALL Game Consoles

September 5, 2013

I was writing some PS3 History and an interesting RSS Notification popped up in my RSS reader, titled:
New Kickstarter project aims to make a Wii U GamePad for everything
At first glance, I first thought that someone was trying to find a way for the Wii U’s Gamepad to run on all consoles, but when I went to the Kickstarter page, I was awesomely surprised, here are some pics and info :)

 photo 59a573b7f12009ae1c8de551a0c25388_large_zpsae7ac16d.jpg

The Cross Plane is the first Wireless Video Interface designed specifically with the modern gamer in mind. Utilizing a universal control interface and wireless HDMI technology, The Cross Plane brings all your home entertainment devices to you, on your time and where you want to be in your home.

With a unique controller exchange, jumping from console based systems like the Xbox 360 to the OUYA is as simple as taking out a game cartridge and putting in a new one.

But that’s just scratching the surface of what The Cross Plane is!

Though we are excited about The Cross Plane’s ability to jump from gaming console to gaming console, what we’re really excited about is the Cross Plane’s PC compatibility and the freedom it will allow users to break away from their computer desk.

For the first time, PC users will have to opportunity to “Cut the cord” and take the full power of their machine anywhere in house. That means “Steam” can go with you to the couch or Crysis 3 can actually be played on a handheld.

Users can also play their favorite current Emulators for Retro consoles including PS2, GameCube, N64, Sega, the list goes on and on. So plainly put, your computer’s entire gaming library can be brought to you on The Cross Plane.

And it doesn’t stop at just video games! If you don’t play video games, there is still a spot for The Cross Plane in your home because it can also be your new movie hub for your Blu-Ray player or if you have the Netflix or Hulu apps on your PC or Console, you can stream directly to The Cross Plane

Kickstarter Page

Now whilst i was super excited about the device when i first read it, it does have some downside, which are quite big, these pointers kind of killed that excitement a bit:

  • The price seems to be $350 for the device
  • You need a different “controller pack” for each console/device
  • You have to buy those “controller pack’s” separately
  • To use it with multiple consoles/devices, you basically need to purchase a separate HDMI switch box
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