The current state of PS3 hacking (September 2012)

September 28, 2012

Hacking a PS3 these days is either easy(if you are already on a compatible or lower Firmware than 3.55) or really hard if you are current, Even then some models are capable and others not so much. Lets explore what it takes to get some Homebrew goodness on our favorite gaming console!

Most people who are familiar with the scene know that Firmware 3.55 is capable of being turned into Custom Firmware on the PlayStation 3 relatively easily. It is pretty much like PSP CFW as far as I know and hosts a lot of great benefits to users such as remote play on Vita with no game restrictions.

If you are, however, above 3.55 Official Firmware, You will need to flash your PS3 so that you may downgrade it to said Firmware. Do not get excited yet though, only certain models can be flashed and even less are easy to.Flashing is a pain in the rear and should only be attempted by persons who know their way around a computer. For a guide on which models can or can not be flashed click here and choose the first drop menu in the post.

For those of you fortunate enough to have a PS3 on or below 3.55 click here for a tutorial.

I have heard rumors of more current Firmwares being exploited and hacked but only time will tell, Fingers crossed!

Do you have a hacked PS3? Do you miss online or other features you would have if you could beam the mother-ship(Sony)? What are your favorite PS3 homebrews?

Sound off below!

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