The DHS Wants To Spy On Your Console Usage

April 5, 2012

In a country against terrorism and other illegal activities, there’s one group of people that always have to take it to the extreme. The US government that is, especially after SOPA came about. The Department of Homeland Security wants to takes extra steps in protecting us Americans but how will they do it with game consoles?

Apparently, the US Navy in conjunction with the DHS awarded a computer forensics firm a contract to come up with both hardware and software tools that would assist them in extracting data from game consoles. The reasoning behind this is that it is suspected that terrorists use game consoles to communicate. Both entities are also pushing to get data extracted from used consoles when they are traded in.

If this goes into play, gamers within the US (US citizens rather but how can they tell?), are safe. I don’t think you other guys want to talk about how the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel will get blown up in that game. The feds may be after you next.

Source: Neowin

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