The First Test Build Towards Showtime 4.4

February 10, 2013

The 4.2 stable version of Andreas Oman’s Showtime Mediacenter was released not too long ago. Already, he is working towards the release of the next stable version – 4.4. He has released the first test build of the 4.3 series, with version 4.3.9. For those who like to stay cutting edge, it’s time to get the build on your PS3s updated to this one. Andreas Oman has not posted a changelog for this build nor is it reflected in the roadmap. Nonetheless, there has to be some changes somewhere in the mix.

Taking a look at the roadmap, some of the features to be implemented in the “near future” range from full 3D support for 1080P MKV DTS videos, scrobbling, folder cover art and cover posters, as well as .sub file support. This is just a small selection from the entire list that is posted up.

You can download the test build of Showtime below.

Download: Showtime Test Build 4.3.9

Source: Official Showtime Homepage

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