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May 18, 2013

How many times have you imagined, going anywhere and not having to even look at your phone to answer a call. How many times have we dreamed of speaking and having a machine translate it for you? How many times have we imagined having computers in every (no, smartphones don’t count) part of our life? Well, it is all finally here! So, what should we expect? and what is the general opinion on this device? Lets find out This futuristic fantasy machine I am talking about is called ‘Google Glass’ and I must say, it is truly astonishing. According to Google’s page for Google Glass, this device really does a lot. The best part is, as far as I remember, Google has always stood true to it’s promises. Lets hope that they don’t disappoint with this little marvel of technology either.

Google Glass

The stylish future of portable computing?

  Yeah, I get that. But what does it do?

Google glass does almost everything you would expect from a futuristic head mounted display. It makes calls, takes pictures, videos, sends texts, gives you directions, answers all your questions, it even answers your questions before you ask. So if you go to the airport for instance, it will automatically show you flight timings! But the feature that I find most exciting is the translation feature. It can translate your voice on the fly. Now just imagine, going to Japan but not knowing Japanese, and you need to buy something, you could just say it in English and Google Glass would automatically translate it into Japanese!

Translation Magic!

Translation Magic!


Cool!Where do I get it?

Unfortunately, the open beta sign up is no longer available, so we’ll have to wait. But it seems Google has more of these betas planned. You can sign up to be informed about it at the sign up page


As in any other revolution, there are always those people who don’t see any good in it. It is the same case with Google Glass. Pictures like the one below have popped up on the internet, and they show a completely different side to the way people see this device.

Ban Google Glass

Ban Google Glass!

Now, I will make it clear as I can’t stay impartial, I don’t see any legible reason to hate these because a lot of the reasons I found online were like what people say for Facebook and smartphones, the way I look at it, Google Glass isn’t something that infringes upon ones privacy, it is just a smartphone you wear on your head (which should be much more safer than texting and driving) Anyhow, I have to show you both sides of the coin to make it fair, so what are some of the reasons people are against Google glass?

  • It could destroy whatever shreds of privacy we have left.
  • It will turn the United States into a surveillance state.
  • It will hold more people needlessly accountable for easily pardonable activities.

    Read more: (A huge list of 35 different reasons for why Google Glass should be banned)

Google Glass demo on YouTube:

So, what do you guys think? Post your thoughts in the comments ;)

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