The Future Of Gaming Looks Bland – DLC Gone Too Far

July 7, 2013

We are all on this forum, because we love gaming, during our journey in the gaming world, we have become accustomed to Download Content(DLC), some DLC, like the content from the Elder Scrolls series are awesome(Minus the horse armour), but when does this DLC become too much and shines as an example of the company’s greed.

Take Koei for example, they are my personal favourite, i fell in love with the company back in the early PS2 days, when i tried a demo of a game called Dynasty Warriors 2, i enjoyed and played all the games on the PS2, Dynasty Warriors 3, 4, Dynasty Tactics 1 & 2, Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 7 and the Kessen series.

I then went on to play Dynasty Warriors 5 on the Xbox 360 and then Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce on the PS3, i noticed Strikeforce had DLC, but it was and is all free, DW 6, then 7 and Warriors Orochi 3 all came out on the PS3 and i noticed they all had paid for DLC and the same with Dynasty Warriors Next on the PS Vita, whilst some DLC is well worth the charge, these ones were pathetic, charging for extra costumes and weapons that should be part of the game as unlock able content, these games also have extra levels as DLC for a charge and whilst i try and resist the urge, i enjoy the extra levels, so i cave in and buy them(Sorry NeoSabin >.<), here is some of that DLC….

 photo DynastyWarriors7DLC_zps178c8e3b.png

 photo DW7EmpiresDLC_zpsa8bce9b6.png

 photo WarriorsOrochi3DLC_zpsc70bbb77.png

As you see, all the DLC is petty and contain stupid things like BGM, which should already be in the game.

Now onto the final insult, the reason that gave me the urge to create this article.

I recently downloaded a game called Spartacus Legends from PSN, it is a free to play game and that’s awesome, it is a fun game, its problem is the DLC it has, which is purchasable in game currency, now whilst i could forgive this if the currency was set at a reasonable price, i cannot for the price they decided to set it at:

 photo RipOff1_zps79da625d.jpg

Yes you read that right, $149.99 for 3000 gold coins, the coins are needed to buy your Gladiator armour and weapons and it helps you buy new stronger Gladiators , but it along with the silver coins can be earned in the game, on top of that, half an hour after playing the game, i got this error constantly:

 photo RipOff2_zps55508343.jpg

I couldn’t get back on to play the game, as you MUST be signed in to play it, so imagine how annoyed some poor fool who paid $150 for DLC only not to get using it.

It would be awesome if we could get back to the old days, where we bought a game, enjoyed it and completed it, excitedly anticipating its sequel, not we get half released games, with DLC locked on the disc or stupid crappy DLC for crazy prices, am i the only one who things DLC has gone too far ?

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