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October 20, 2012

There has been news of a new exploit potentially being released soon. I am seeing a lot of enthusiasm from this, and that is to be expected. However, I will let it be known right now that those of you waiting up all night tonight refreshing these pages that there will be NO RELEASE TONIGHT. Heck, there may not be one for a couple days. If this release indeed DOES happen it will go through what is called a ninja release.

What you need to do right now is sign up for /talk here. Then proceed to read the rules here. Then last but not least read this page for details on what a ninja release is and how to obtain the name in a timely manner.

I must say I am a bit disappointed in some of the commenters of the last article and on the forums, mostly new members. A lot of you are demanding for frostegator to release this game on YOUR schedule and on YOUR terms, Some are even being bold enough to tell him what to do and not even say please. If you are lucky enough to get a THIRD chance this firmware be grateful. I waited 3 months for my first exploit and that was VHBL, I didn’t once beg for the game name or ask the devs to cater to me because I can’t be bothered to check the site twice a day.

You people need to understand not only is a Kexploit rare, not only did we lose a great dev and friend of this site over one, But you guys are maybe getting what the scene will never get again, a 3rd try at one in one firmware. So the next time you feel like making demands, think of the people who do this FREE of charge for US without asking ANYTHING in return.

If you want the release, simply sign up, read the rules(very important), and wait for a release. IF it is happening.

This article does NOT represent the Opinion of anyone, including Wololo or the blog staff. It is strictly MY opinion on the matter.

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