The new PS Vita web browser: Review

November 21, 2012

OFW 2.00 contains major updates, according to, the new ps vita web browser ranks 2nd only behind the Wii U (which has an unfair advantage) whereas the old browser was way behind, there has been a 400% increase in html5 support, not only that,but the faster browser experience, the cursor to make choosing things easier all have turned the worst browser in the universe into one of the best web browsers on any portable device (good job Sony!)

The web browser incorporates so many new updates that a seperate post is needed to explain all the features.

The web browser now adds a cool new feature like a cursor The cursor

Just hold down either one of the shoulder buttons and tap the screen for the cursor to appear, it automatically points to nearby links, when it is pointing at the link that you want to click just remove your finger from the screen, it will automatically click the link

You can also type using the d-pad buttons like you would on the PSP

As this version was also supposed to increase the clock speed of the GPU and maybe even the RAM (GPU might need it) the scrolling and rendering of web pages has increased exponentially! Compared to the older browser where you would have to wait for some time will scrolling or zooming, or even while loading the page, the new version completely eliminates all such problems, the only time you have to wait is the when your web page is loading (depends on your Wifi speed)

The main highlight is the HTML5 support, the older browser scored a shameful 58 with no bonus points, the new version scores 243 with 2 bonus (behind the Wii U by just 15 points and 2 bonus, this clearly shows the true power of the Vita, the Vita’s being a portable device has beat home consoles like the XBOX 360 and is competing with the Wii U!

Now lets just hope that Sony releases a browser update for the PS3 users because I wouldn’t really expect that it would be too hard considering that they have accomplished a nearly impossible feat by making the Vita’s browser when of the best out there!

The ability to tweet a web page directly from the web browser has been added. So now if your twitter account is linked with your PSN you can tweet an interesting find directly from your browser!

The PSVita’s browser has suddenly earned a good reputation in a short amount of time, although this is still 50% support. Come on Sony! Increase support up to 100% in the next update! Leave everyone else in the dust!

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