The PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Plus: Worth It or Not?

November 5, 2012

PlayStation Plus isn’t new to the PlayStation ecosystem, in fact it’s over a year old. The PlayStation 3, of course, was first to receive the content heavy subscription plan, and when the Vita launched back in February questions were raised as to when it would finally be available there as well.

Luckily, after many months, news is finally being revealed regarding PlayStation Plus on the PlayStation Vita. However, will Plus really be worth the price on the Vita like it is now on the PS3?

Perhaps these are my own opinions, and feel free to leave your own below, but PlayStation Plus on the Vita might not be as worth while as it is on the PS3.

If you are like myself, you own a PlayStation Portable, or have owned one at some point in time. With PlayStation Plus on the Vita, I feel Sony will push more the PSP capabilities of the Vita, than the first party and third party Vita titles.

Of course, the PSP has a huge number of titles that are surely worth while to play, most couldn’t even be put into one blog post, but Sony honestly really needs to push the more Vita specific titles as much as they can.

With the slowly increasing sales of the Vita as exclusives enter the scene, the only thing holding the Vita back from being the best portable gaming device on the market would be said titles.

If Sony can manage to push this front of the Vita, as it seems they are trying more and more to do now, then I believe the vita will exceed our expectations into the near future.

We know that PlayStation Plus on the Vita will offer the following:

Full PSP Games

Full PSP/PS3/Vita Minis

Full PS1 Games

Full Vita Games 


and even more beyond all of that, from Plus’ offerings in the Japanese Vita store.

Perhaps only the future will tell if Plus will be worth the value on the Vita, and to that very statement I hope very much to see that it is.

Leave your own thoughts below.

Do you think PlayStation Plus will be worth the price on the Vita? Do you plan on purchasing a subscription in the future for your Vita?

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