The PS Vita getting ready for the PS4? Oops, nope…

April 23, 2013

Vita scene member The Z had an interesting theory about some of the changes introduced in PS Vita Official Firmware update 2.10. Turns out the truth is out there…

We’ve grown used to useless Firmware updates from Sony in the past, but it’s sometimes easy to miss some of the tiny changes in there that could be hinting at something big.

Is it possible that some of the changes in the recent Vita firmware updates are actually preparing the Vita to welcome the PS4 in the PlayStation ecosystem? The Z had an interesting theory about this: in firmware 2.10, the Content Manager’s main menu had a UI change which reduced the size of its buttons, enough to add a fourth button in addition to the existing PS3/PC/Online Storage options. Could that be a button for the PS4 system?


Space for a PS4 button? Image by The Z

It turns out, as revealed recently in a Sony Japan announcement, that the new Icon is for the “Nasne” system, a digital TV recorder from Sony.

If you want to get details on what Nasne is, you can watch the introduction video (published last year) from Sony. This is basically a TV recorder that can connect to a limited amount of Sony-only devices.

For those of you who don’t understand Japanese, this basically lets you record and watch TV on your PS3, Vaio computer, PS Vita, or XPeria tablets. Which I don’t find particularly interesting, but hey, I’m probably not the target audience for the crap that Japanese TV restlessly vomits anyway. Seriously though, who wants a VCR that can only connect to Sony products?

I look like a cool new model of PS3, but I’m really just an expensive VCR crippled with DRM, I’m the Nasne. Nice to meet you

Anyways, it seems a recent firmware update of Nasne now also allows Vita owners in Japan to backup their Vita content to the Nasne’s Hard drive, hence the new icon (and, if you’re not seeing that icon, it’s probably because you don’t have a JP account). The PS4 hypothesis was exciting, and, indeed, not so far from the truth, but the truth is a bit less exciting, sadly :)

(Thanks to Tom via The Z)

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