The PS Vita TV Is Getting PS4 Remote Play And DS4 Support In May

April 20, 2014

Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong recently announced that the PS Vita TV will be getting an update next month that will enable PS4 Remote Play.

This new update will also allow for DS4 use with the PS Vita. For Singapore users, there is a 50% off discount through June on PS Vita TV, if they buy a PS4. It is interesting how they are making it DS4 compatible, but the value pack still includes a DS3.

Here is my question about the update, up to now, PS Vita updates and PS Vita update files have been identical. If this is to continue, what else is this update going to bring, something that will also have an effect on the PS Vita? The PS Vita already supports PS4 Remote Play, so, if Sony is going to continue the trend of identical update files, what will the add. Hopefully new features. *Cough* PS4 Vita CMA capabilities.

That’s all for now from me, The Jay Doctor. What, if they do bring additional features, would you like Sony to add to the PS Vita arsenal? Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter @The_Jay_Doctor where I can be contacted/followed using the handy links below.

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Source: SegmentNext

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