The PS2 Ceasses Production Worldwide

January 7, 2013

After 12 long years of being graced with some of the most memorable gaming moments I have ever had the pleasure of taking part in, the PlayStation 2 has finally ceased production worldwide.  With Japan ceasing production just a week ago, this doesn’t come as unexpected news.  It is still sad to think though, that such an iconic console that defined an era will no longer be packaged in a fresh new box for older gamers to relive nostalgia, or younger gamers to be introduced to the most popular console ever.

This news was first confirmed to The Guardian, sourced below, that got news from Sony about the aforementioned information.  With the PS2 selling over 150 million units worldwide, it is going to be a hard number to beat.

Post your nostalgia below, hug your PS2 tightly and take good care of what is a time machine that you definitely don’t want to break or lose.

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