The PS4 Will Be A Massive Gen Jump. At Least That’s What This Leak Says…

May 26, 2012

PS4 rumors are all about and it does some good when they’re either confirmed or denied. It’s true that the next PlayStation is codenamed Orbis. That’s just what this piece of paper says. But what other information does it reveal and is it true?

The importance of it is that it’s tatted with Sony and PlayStation logos and seems to have leaked out from the hands of SCEE. (Just like everything else)

Here’s the listing of all the specs on that sheet:

  • CPU – Cell Broadband Engine X @ 3.2GHz – 16PPE’s – 128 SPE’s
  • GPU – Custom Nvidia/SCEI “quantum Leap” @2GHz
  • Memory – 10GB XDR2 + 10GB GDDR6
  • Storage Capacity – 250GB/320GB Model depending
  • OS – Sony Aether
  • Video Resolution – 2160p 2D – 1080p 3D
  • Audio – 11.1
  • Media Formats – PS4 Game Disc – PS3 Game Disc – PS2 Game Disc – PS1 Game Disc – HD Blu Ray Disc – DVD – CD
  • Controller Input – Dualshock 4 – Dualshock 3 – PS Iris – PS Vita – PS Omni – PS Certified Xperia – Sony Tablet – PS Move – PS Eye – Sixaxis
  • Connectivity – USB 3.0 – HDMI 1.4 – Bluetooth 4.0 – WiFi b/g/n – DLNA – Ethernet – PS Vita – Memory Cards SD/MMC/etc

It’s juicy info alright. If all of this is true, it’ll be interesting enough to see that Sony is learning from their mistakes of removing the PS2 and card reader aspects of the PS3. The PS Omni and Iris are interesting entries as well, what could Sony have in store for the PS4?

Source: PlayNation via PS3Hax

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