The PSP is not dead yet, now sells for $99

November 30, 2012

pspThe Vita has been out for almost a year now, and seems to still have a hard time convincing gamers (although Sony announced that Black Friday has been good for PSV sales). The PSP is obviously on a decreasing trend, but, 7 years after its initial release, remains a solid platform with a huge library of games, as well as decent multimedia support (including skype). And it still sellsĀ numbers comparable to the Vita every week globally!

Add to that the fact that any PSP is fully hackable with Pro CFW, and you’ve got yourself a great machine for both PSP games AND a wide variety of emulators and homebrews (wink, wink, try Wagic if you’re into collectible card games!).

The PSP 3000 just got discounted to $99 on Amazon ($30 less than the recommended price).

To me the 3000 has its weak points (the interlacing issues of the screen – that most people don’t seem to see… I see it), but for a similar price I’d say it beats the DroidX360. The PSP does not compare to the Vita in terms of horsepower, but it’s less than half the price, and technically has more games than the PSV (if you don’t count backwards compatibility… actually, maybe even if you do, since the Vita’s psp emulator does not support all psp games). Also, did I mention the PSP is fully hackable, which the Vita isn’t really?

Could actually be a good time to buy an additional PSP, or to discover its library of games for a reasonable price.

Source Amazon via Joystiq

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