The Pulse PS3 headset On Your PC

November 19, 2012

People seem to have a need/want for using Sony accessories on pretty much anything that isn’t a Sony console.  PS3 controllers with phones/Xbox 360, bluetooth keyboards with tablets, and even PS Eye with PC.  Once again however, Sony has made their new(ish) Sony Wireless Pulse Stereo Headset compatible with PC’s as well as the obvious PS3/Vita/PSP it was designed for.

The video linked at the end of this article shows you how to use and optimize your headset for your PC, and make the most of your versatile piece of PS3 audio equipment.

You can find the video here, and everything is explained in less than five minutes.  On the topic of the headset, for those who own and use it regularly, how are you finding it?  Drop a comment below and leave some feedback on another accessory addition by Sony.

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