The Razor Sharp PS3Ultimate TV App Gets Updated

September 21, 2012

This developer has also released PS3Ultimate TV Video Bypass (installed via multiMAN) which allows you to upload videos from your PS3 to your PC.

The most recent release includes a file server. RazorX has setup HFS HTTP File Server which allows you to stream and copy files to your PS3. Also worthy of a mention is added themes, more movies and channels added in version 1.08.



  1. all you have to do is replace your category_tv.xml with the one i have provided in TV Section (TV).zip
  2. if you want it in your TV category or if you prefer it in your Video category just replace your category_video.xml with the one i provided in the TV Section (VIDEO).zip
  3. but don’t use both
  4. you can replace your xml file by mounting your flash with a program or through multiMAN then replacing it
  5. then install the pkg file and your done
  6. simply go to your TV or Video category on your ps3 and you now have some TV channels
  7. also if your TV category is disabled this should enable it

About HFS HTTP File Server:

HFS aka HFS HTTP File Server will give you the ability to copy files to your ps3 and stream videos directly to your ps3 it also can be used for much more than this but this is what i use it for also with the modification I have made you will be able to upload videos you have on your ps3 to your pc.

I have set everything up for you it should be a simple matter of loading HFS up and adding your files to it you will also need to create a Upload folder on your pc and drag it over onto HFS and right click the folder and set it up as a upload directory so you can upload pictures and with my mod videos from your ps3 to your PC.

Ive set the HFS website up as localhost if this doesn’t work change localhost to your pc’s ip address for example change localhost to and everything should work perfectly to make it easier for you to change the ip address I’ve set it up so it reads the website address from the root of your ps3’s hdd so please put the hfs.xml in the root of your ps3’s hdd so basically it should be put in /dev_hdd0/
this will allow you to easily remember were it is if you need to change the ip address.

HFS Files Needed:



PS3Ultimate TV Video Bypass

The PS3Ultimate TV Video Bypass contains the which you install using multiman this will allow you to upload your videos from your ps3 to your pc.

Full Changelog: PS3Ultimate TV App

  • Added new channels
    Added HFS (more info below)
    Added/updated movies
    Removed icons from this and future updates to prevent overwriting theme
    Added “standard theme” so icons can be restored to normal
  • Added New Theme
    Updated TV Shows
    Added 3 New Channels.
  • Added TV Shows section, Blog Section & IMDb Section also changed icons but you can still install the original icons if you wish by downloading the original theme package.
  • Added 3 more channels and 9 more movies for your enjoyment.
  • Now supports Movie playback as well, new easily install-able files (via multiMAN) to make the process smoother, and also the enable/disable files have now both been included.

Download & Source: PS3Ultimate TV App 1.08

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