The reason to own a Vita this year

October 20, 2012

Don’t have a reason to own a PlayStation Vita? Well, now you do because the new Assassins Creed: Liberation trailer is absolutely jaw dropping, you’ll be completely blown away. Check it out below.

The new story line trailer for Assassins Creed: Liberation that was just released is astounding. The trailer shows off fluid animation, beautiful graphics and talented voice acting as well as a special guest appearance. The game looks like something of a huge console blockbuster, and the fact that its portable is something else. The vast open world shown off in the trailer is something to applaud. Assassins creed alone is a sole reason to have a PlayStation Vita. If this is a glimpse of the quality games to come, then I am beyond excited . Furthermore if the PlayStation Vita keeps this up with the next big releases of this year then we will sure have a console that wont collect dust. In addition there are still a ton of unannounced games to come, hopefully Sony can fill the requests of fans and get Grand Theft Auto V and Borderlands 2 on the Vita next year. Check out the trailer for October 30ths Assassins Creed: Liberation in its entirety below:

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