The sour truth:

June 17, 2012

The truth is what everyone seeks, to expect to someone to come clean. But sometimes (or most of the time) telling the true can be sour, against a beautiful lie.
Even if the concept of true itself it’s ephemeral and almost paradoxical in the state the *scene is nowadays* well i can’t handle a lie, neither a WEB of them.

The sour part E3 team: The dongleless solution?.

This solution was discussed so many times that i lost count of it. But E3 team managed to survive spreading more lies and uncertainty giving 2 free EBOOTS to keep the angry mob at bay.
The sad part of all of this, that many noticed. That they are in fact contradicting what they’ve said in the past.
It’s like trojan horse situation, they done good on the strategy side and the objective is/was feed us with another damn dongle but it appears that they failed to achieve their ultimate goal = The dongle. (for the time being).

The question that most of the users have, and myself included. Why a *Company* if we can call E3 a company..(who brought us the E3 flasher and E3 card reader) will go for a creation of a new dongle?.
I think the answer to that question it’s obvious = More money to their pockets.
But why again i ask myself often?:

  • The business with the flashers and the e3 card readers went so bad?
  • They want to expand their horizons and include ANOTHER DRM device to the collection, knowing that it’s a risk doing it?

Honestly i don’t care to dig or go deeper into the rabit hole but guess what? it’s not my role here in HAX. To uncover some LIES and bring them to you to discuss about the veracity of such *proof*.
All i have to say *god bless* anyone who is willing to buy if the E3 dongle is released.

Pointing fingers:

It’s easy to do that, to silence me. Even to accuse me with no data at all. When we all know that we can be part *of a large botnet network* or have a RAT (search that on google) even not knowing that an X user has total control over our system.
It’s easy to point fingers with no proof whatsoever and send me to the *gulag*.
I can point my middle finger and the rest to make you look where you failed, but i am Sir, i have some moral codes so i won’t put myself to YOUR level doing the same you done to me. You can even use the PM system on our board to clarify your doubts but instead you go to the upper levels. Fine..I see the level of maturity you have.
It’s easy also criticize freely insulting than do some constructive critic about how bad the frontpaged news is.

It’s so DAMN easy to do all that. But when you show the TRUTH or you want to open the eyes of some users. You encounter a logical response, some of them don’t want to open their eyes. Some of them they are STILL convinced that E3 team will be the FINAL solution to an endless problem. First with the release with the TWO eboots (that worked like shit!) Even advanced users on HAX managed to try to release a FIX for Fifa to help the ones in problems.
That two candies were released to avoid E3 team to be butchered by the angry mob. I can relate to that, but..come on! ;)

Final words:

I know this IS not even fit on news section. I just related how messed up things are and will be eventually in near future.
Because even if i had proof that E3 team it’s the same as TB team, most of the users will *kill* me for saying such aberration with no source at all.
But think for yourself, don’t let the other ones step on you. Feed you up with more no-sense methods that we already know.

The sour truth..It’s just to sour. But you know what?…Sometimes it’s better lie to someone in order to keep the person calm and safe.
But i will not lie to myself, neither the ones who trusted in me.
So don’t ask, don’t tell.



P.s: The dongleless solution always existed the problem is..that all is business and the violence on the board won’t stop until someone come clean. We saw some serious progress, but we NEED more UNITY.

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