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March 16, 2013

Like I requested in my previous article, commenter vFX suggested I write about the Source engine. So here it is, and as always, if you’re expecting an in depth review of every bit of history,feature, spec. Then you’ve come to the wrong place. Sorry!

The Source engine is developed by Valve Coperation. A private company behind the ever so popular Steam and also some really great games like L4D and Portal. The engine’s code is written in C++ and has been ported to quite a few different platforms such as :
Xbox 360

Here is a video of a recent game being powered by the Source engine, called Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Now unlike the past engines I have wrote about, this engine does not have version 1, 2 or 3 it does instead just have constant updates as the technology around us improves which is a very good idea. Since its release in 2004 it has undergone many significant changes such as features like HDR, 3D wound rendering (implemented especially for Left 4 Dead 2) and also support for consoles like the PS3 and the 360.

Valve, the company behind the engine is quite interesting also, they were founded by a couple of Microsoft employees (believe it or not, they don’t work for MS anymore) . They are known as Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington, in August 1996, after gaining a license for the Quake Engine later that year, their first game started development. Half Life.

In 1999 Valve did something very interesting. Because Quake Engine released their source code and Valve made their own version of the quake engine and decided to name it GoldSource/ GoldSrc. They used this modified Quake engine until they decided to get they decided to edit it more, and release it under the name of ‘Source’ in 2004

The company Valve now run all of their game franchises on their proprietary Source engine, the game franchises they own are:

Day of Defeat
Team Fortress
Left 4 Dead

My favourite Source based game would have to be Portal 2, apart from the amazingly challenging puzzles you can have endless fun messing around with the portals

Have you played a game using Source? If so what’s your favourite?

My next article for this series will be on Unity 3D, being as dragonxtamer596 (how awesome) personally PM’ed me requesting it.
This will not be how to get your suggestion onto an article, I did it because he took the time to message me, and it deserves an article anyway.
I’m always open to suggestions though! Comment below or message me.

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