The Top 5 PS3 Hacking Stories of 2012

December 10, 2012

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5.  KaKaRoTo Gives Us An Update on His 4.10 Jailbreak

When you do countdowns like this, every once and a while you’ll come across something that reminds us of times that seemed so limited compared to what we have now. With the lv0 keys securely in the hands of several key scene members by this point, it’s possible for us to now hack any OFW we want. In a sense, many had said that the PS3 has been hacked for good, which is in some contexts true. Still there are many readers out there that wish for something more, something like another software jailbreak that will allow them simple entry into our little community. That being said, back in February, the popular coder KaKaRoTo thought he was on to something with OFW 4.10.


In this particular news story KaKaRoTo gives us a little bit of progress on that possible 4.10 jailbreak. He says that while packages can be installed on 4.10, the main issue that he is having is that they cannot be run. He also says that there may in fact be the possibility of installing .PKG files on OFW 4.0 as well, but that it may not work in 4.10. As all of you who are staunch followers of the scene know by now, it’s clear that none of these jailbreaks or homebrew methods ever really panned out in the end. Yet, KaKaRoTo did still give us some great stuff this year including the use of RSXGL in PS3 development and his Eleganz Homebrew Manager  that uses the architecture. As we boot up our 4.xx CFW, some might say it all worked out in the end.

Speaking of custom firmware, this next news story brings us the arrival of one of the most versatile options around.  Want debug functionality with CEX ease of use. This firmware has you covered.

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