The Updates To PS3 Tools Collection Just Doesn’t Stop

February 15, 2013

For this year’s Valentine’s Day release, Aldo has given us a new update to the PS3 Tools Collection. Quite a number of tools have been updated this time around. Making the roundup are the PS3 Games Database, PS3 Cheats Editor, PARAM.SFO editor, PKG ContentID, Bruteforce Save Data and PS3 Game Integrity tools. Here are the changelogs to get you acquainted with everything.

PS3 Games Database 1.0.1PS3 Gams Database is a new tool that allows you to build and search through your own database of PS3 games.

  • Fixed issue creating RAP, added new column for image URL (local or web), support PNG, some changes in the GUI.

PS3 Cheats Editor 2.6.3


  • Fixed various critical bugs in the eboot patcher module.
  • Cheats compatible with the EBOOT hack now can be identified easily.
  • Eboot patcher now supports code types: 0T00 (8-bit write), 1T00 (16-bit write), 2T00 (32-bit write), 4T00 (Serial/multiwrite), 5T00 (Copy command)
  • Updated the cheat database with gingerbread’s update containing 520 games.


PARAM.SFO editor


  • Added “Game Data” template to “New” button.
  • AccountID button now copies also the PARAMS value (like in Bruteforce Save Data).
  • PARAMS values: UserID 1, UserID 2, AccountID and PSID are now editable.
  • Added category “ME” and now PARAM.SFO from EBOOT.PBP (PSXPSP) are supported.


PKG ContentID 2.0.6


  • Added the missing key “npdrm-const” to .toolsscetooldata, which caused invalid RIF files in the “Convert RAP to RIF”


Bruteforce Save Data 2.4.4


  • Added optional display of columns.


PS3 Game Integrity 1.3.1


  • Fixed a bug introduced in 1.3 with the log files per folder.

That’s all the updates included this time. You can download the entire set of 28+ tools or each of the updated ones below.

Download: PS3Tools Collection 2.0.66 | PS3 Games Database 1.0.1 | PS3 Cheats Editor 2.6.3 | PARAM.SFO editor | PKG ContentID 2.0.6 | Bruteforce Save Data 2.4.4 | PS3 Game Integrity 1.3.1

Source: aldostools

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