The Vita TV victim of its success

September 13, 2013

A few days ago, Sony announced the upcoming release of the Vita TV, a set top box that plugs in to your TV, will be able to run Vita/PSP/PS1 games, but also stream movies and be used for remote play on a PS4, all for less than $100. In other words, it’s a Vita without a screen, and with additional features.

I’ve explained in a previous article why I think it’s probably Sony’s best idea in years, and apparently I’m not the only one to think that. Preorders on Amazon Japan ran out within less than 24h, and yesterday the device (both the “regular” version and the “value pack” which includes a DualShock controller) was out of stock.

Today, “price trolls” on Amazon are back, and you can preorder the device again, assuming you’re willing to pay twice its price.


As much as I love Amazon, don’t get scammed by these preorder prices set by people who preordered the device with the sole goal of reselling it immediately: competitors such as Bic Camera or Rakuten still take preorders for the normal price of about 10’000 yen. Hopefully though, Sony will increase the number of preorder units and Amazon will get some stock again soon enough…

I’m really excited by this device, how about you guys?

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