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March 12, 2013

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 multiMAN v04.20.04 – PS3

No matter how great a job Sony sometimes has done designing their systems, there is one problem that plagues many of us: a broken BD drive. When that happens, you’ve got basically two choices: time and money. Will you look on YouTube or forums that tell you how to fix the problem yourself, or do you feel more confident about sending your precious modded machine off to Sony once it’s been reflashed with OFW? That used to be a really popular dilemma, but now  thanks to changes in a lot of the popular backup managers discless play is now starting to become more popular. That is the precise focus of this version of multiMAN.


With its new payload, we saw the beginnings of disc-free, but this adds some fixes to improve the feature with compatibility for games like Homefront, Uncharted 2, and LittleBigPlanet 2. Surely there are others out there, but you’ll just have to find them yourself. In addition to that, there is now a BD-DISC icon instead of a PS3 Game Icon, and syscalls have been cleared to reduce issues with IrisManager. This is another solid update for a popular tool!

After you’re done playing those disc free games, it might be time to head back and take a look at your tools. This is what this next big update from Aldo is for!

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