Think about it: Cex>Dex/Users vs Devs/Unethical procedures?

July 14, 2012

Divide and conquer, this situation is happening right now on the Scene (as happened many times before). Is rife, it’s the same history as yesterday but with new issues.
With the release of Cex> Dex Information being filtered, unleashed in less than 2 days a domino effect that neither the king of blinds and guinea pigs could foresee.

The problem is (personal) interest:.

During this period without having posted anything relevant labeled as news, I read * devs * more than 100 times. In any kind of context.
Now the question, is this normal?. It seems that if, as this information that managed to sneak through like a Copperfield magic trick and got into the core of  most scene sites seems to have no end, like what many pundits of the day and the opportunists careless answers in a spambot style with the same ol’ speech as always anyplace you go (there are some exceptions).

Myself like many others have decided not to take advantage of this initiative.
And constantly most of the times these topics ends up in fights that have a weak argument and often void or contradictory points. Childlike i could say. Because someone can post the keys of 4.21 in the page 14 of a thread of more of 20 pages and no one will notice because they are too busy thinking what to write next in order to keep up with the discussion *ping pong style or I’m right, you are wrong, game*.

Private information that should be public knowledge?!:

Many people or anon sources over time have brought speculations about X user or users that had a partial solution to further exploit the power of our PS3.
But the big question or mystery that lies in these instances. Is how far can a user (or *Gatekeeper*) to keep information hidden from public view?.

We assume with some touch of naivete’s that there’s certain information that should never be published, because *they* know the outcome of doing such thing, later possibly labeled as treason.
Sad situation that kind of information can end up being a great tool in the right hands, but if it ends in the hands of people who seeks profit…well you know what happens.

Ethics?, Morals?:

Two ephemeral concepts, abused often on the board or even another social platforms. Most of the times if someone *uses that JOKER card* it’s because he is searching for some financial amusement using other devs, research, code, etc.

There are thousands of * theories * that never will saw the light, and never will we released. For the simple fact that is something that happens daily. (Check the news, media in general)
But it is * easy * to talk about ethics when if we work in *unity* and make serious progress with Cex> Dex we can end with an undesired side effect = Warez.

And is even easier  to speak of morals, when info is accidentally filtered and it’s not for the average user to see and try to use, he/she screws and then asks for help. Well, Curiosity killed the cat and the cat caused a nice brick. (in the best scenario if it’s not perma).

So where is the moral point in all of this? and the so acclaimed ethics?.
From many points of view never existed. Only in certain circles (or inner circles) that most users do not know about their existance for another redundant and SIMPLE reason, they don’t mind. And it’s perfect!…who cares?, nobody. The less you know about this things, the better.

Constant battle against certain devs, why?:

They are the ones guilty of  *Educate* in a bad way the user who wanders the boards with a demanding position, asking for some imperative solution, while the average user can not contribute or do not know how to do it?. The answer is quite clear = NO.
It is an erratic tune and with some hypocritical voiced opinion from certain sectors?, Maybe.
Hey even generalize is cool and say that most of devs (with no proof whatsoever) are corrupt and they will do things just for money. When the 70% (maybe im wrong i don’t own the truth) they develop apps for PS3 among other things as a hobby.
But it is much more * practical * make a thread about making a donation to speed a foul play process or try to lure them like a go-go dancer to incetivate their hobby to reach a not so *innocent* objective.

Ask yourself this, seeing the big picture. We are not being a little unfair and impatient?…


The information on how to convert Cex> Dex, brought us many joys.
Because it gave us a nice gap of  hope.
But again, the distorted values slapped us on the face to wake up ​​and face this  reality.
Cex> Dex can or even if another method is *accidentaly released* indeed will generate several bricks to the adventurous ones that don’t know what they are doing.
In fact many of them can not even complete the second step of the released info or get per_console_key.
Yes, I admit as I said it many times and I’m telling you as a loyal user of HAX is a community where anyone can share, etc but that disturbing attitude of superiority from time to time puts on hold many projects from certain respected (and not so respected too) users that think that they are above the average user  that it’s on the board trying to learn or asking for help.
There are so many secrets that should never see the light (Check the case of Math and his video on 2011), but sometimes those secrets are kept that way not for a selfish attitude but to preveserve the integrity of the ones who knows and to avoid rookies to brick their own systems and a massive tidal wave of problems *Don’t work* *it’s fake* (You name it).

Hopefully, this will open to all of us more doors, and understand what’s experience is about.

Dear users open your eyes/minds/senses to knowledge and be aware that limited knowledge can be bought.
Packed in a fancy way in order to create a big lie disguised as a great truth.

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