Three Design Faults of the Vita that Sony Refuse to Recognise.

February 26, 2013

I’m sure many of you are currently enjoying your Vita Consoles with all the exploits we have been lucky enough to receive over the past year. We have been lucky enough to be given the ability to play all the classic games through VHBL, and more recently the ability to play PSP games through CEF. If you wish to know exactly what exploits are currently available, please read this article by Rashidsonic.

TN’s new exploit will also be a very nice addition to these with a plethora of features such as the ability to access PSN through the PSP Emulator Kernel. This will apparently be ported to all known exploits. If you wish to read more, please click here to read Jd’s article on the features of the new exploit.

The Vita however, is not without it’s problems or design faults. While there are few documented cases so far, it does have some issues. I will share the three I’ve noticed (and sadly have been victim to).

Seemingly Random Cracks in the Screen/LCD.

This is what happened to my Vita, sadly. I was playing it for an hour or two, then placed it down on a table and fell asleep.  When I  awoke the Console had not moved an inch however when I turned it on it had some purple colour across my screen. The colour changed a few times, and eventually the screen went entirely black. I then found that I actually had a crack in the Vita for no known reason. Due to this crack, Sony blame me as it apparently falls under the heading of “accidental damage”. Since I got this Console from a catalogue pay-weekly scheme; I still have to pay every single week for the next six months for a Console that I cannot play, nor really afford to fix as the repair cost is near enough that of a new Console.

There are other stories similar to my own. It seems that the unit’s sides place pressure on the LCD panel, and eventually it cracks. This is also incredibly rare, and horrid when it happens. The choice is to either replace the screen and LCD, or to get Sony to fix it (they also update the Firmware, or give you a replacement with higher Firmware) for the cost of a second Vita.

Here’s a video that has been enfuriating me since my Vita broke. These guys drop a Vita three times from four foot, and yet theirs is fine. Mine however sat on a table, nothing dropped, nothing touched it and yet I have to replace it.

Charger Burning.

There have been 23 documented cases of the Vita’s charger back overheating. The charger pack over-heats, and causes the lead to burn which can cause one of two things: The screen to crack or the charger cable being melted onto the Vita’s port. Since there has been so little documented cases Sony refuse to take the blame, even though it’s due to their faulty cables.

While looking into this issue, I found a quote from a user of the forum stating:

“my vitas screen cracked due to overheating, but because i didn’t take the accidental damage insurance, it will cost 175 dollars to repair the screen, plus shipping. i already have 5 games for the vita, and am basically forced to buy another one, since you can’t return games for anywhere near the price, and i really like the system.

i think it’s crazy that sony refuses to accept that they have manufactured faulty units when they are dealing with their customers.”

Vita Units Burning.

This can be linked to the Charger issues as there have been reported cases that the Charger overheating has caused the console to… well, melt. This has happened to a few users, and sadly will end up like this image if you’re unlucky enough to have this issue.

Ways to Prevent.

With regards to the screen randomly cracking, there is no way to prevent this. However, the other two issues are more easily avoided. 

The best method to avoid this would be to simply turn it off while not using it to avoid overheating, and monitor as it charges. Do not leave it charging as you sleep, similarly do not leave it on overnight. 

Anyway, I hope none of you suffer any of the issues listed above. Sony are pretty tyrannical when it comes to these issues and have often had design faults (Note the 2004 Slimline PlayStation 2 for instance). Yet they rarely take the blame. So, simply be careful with your Console.

Enjoy your Consoles, and feel lucky that you have access to the exploits, and amazing work of the Devs.

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