Time To Update: IrisManager 2.25 Released

April 6, 2013

Estwald has dropped the 2.25 update for IrisManager. With the update comes two new features. First up is the ability to install .PKG files that are on your hard drive, bigger than 4 GBs. The other feature is the addition of a new file manager with the basic functions of creating, deleting, copying and moving files and folders. Here’s the changelog that better explains everything:

New: in version 2.25

*Added support for installation. PKG over 4GB and from HDD0 (in / dev_hdd0/IMANAGER4/PKG).

Example: copying to a USB device in the
x: iris PKG PKG the fragmented (.666 xx files generated by split4G.exe, for example).
From Iris Manager, go to “Tools” use “Copy from / dev_usb / folder iris Iris” and “Install. PKG” unplugging USB storage devices, to show the / the. PKG / dev_hdd0/IMANAGER4 / PKG. Normally install.

Added “File Manager / File Manager” (under “Tools / Tools”), with ability to create folders, delete, copy, move from file / folder or by group selection.

It also has the ability to:

  • mount / unmount “/ dev_rewrite” (device / dev_flash with writing),
  • make dumps of LV1 (CFW that support only LV1 peek / poke) and LV2,
  • hex editor,
  • launch. SELF
  • install PKG

Hold Start for one second to access help and know the function of the various buttons.

You can download the latest version of IrisManager below and get acquainted with the new features below.


Download: IrisManager 2.25


Source: Elotrolado

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