Tiny3D, libfont and ps3soundlib Hermes Libs ported to PSL1GHT V2

February 11, 2013

Tiny3D and libfont
xerpi today posted this on Korben and mine ps3dev forums http://forum.psxbrew.net/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=421
Well, he sucessfully ported hermes Tiny3D lib to PSL1GHT V2, i tryied once, but i failed for an header problem (nv40.h), but he had a better idea. just simple copy the old one and do not convert the code to the new one :D
He ported as well libfont (always written by hermes)
this is what he said:

I have forgotten to say that I also ported libfont (it was easy, I had only to modify the Makefile)

inside the Tiny3D folder, you will have only one sample working for V2 (the sprites2D), because porting samples is boring xD

then it’s my turn xD
a loooong time ago when i tried to port Tiny3D, i have successfully ported ps3soundlib, but i never tested it.
now i tested and works. i never tested it because the sample needs tiny3D, and my Tiny3D wasn’t working..

there is one sample (fireworks3D) that works perfectly with V2.

[U]WARNING: all the libs will be installed under



The old nv40.h will be called nv40v1.h and can be included in this way:
#include <nv40v1.h>

https://github.com/wargio/tiny3D (this include libfont too)

source http://forum.psxbrew.net/ (please do not join the forums if you are not a dev)

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