TN-V will support all exploits

February 25, 2013

(Update: We added Everybody’s Tennis to the list, sorry for this oversight!) Total_Noob’s XMB CEF for the PS Vita will support all exploits when it releases.

So recently we reported that TN-V would one only be for the UNO 2.02 exploit but we can now confirm that it will support all exploits that have been previously released. All users with a kernel exploit on firmwares 1.61-2.02 will be able to use TN-V. If you can use eCFW right now then you’ll be able to use TN-V. Just to recap the exploit releases and their respective firmwares:

 If you happen to be on a lower firmware without an exploit and happen to have a PS3, the Open CMA copying trick still works (I have not had time to personally test this, but reports are that it’s still working.) Furthermore, just to add clarification there are no exploits available and most likely wont be one for firmware 2.05, a usermode (VHBL) exploit will probably be the next to release; which is not capable of TN-V or anything other than homebrew. Also to address some other concerns, TN-V will not support USB functionality with the case being that primarily the USB is not emulated in the PSP emulator.

TN-V is set to release in March 2013.

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