To refund or not to refund, that’s the question!

December 16, 2013

The ninja release is over and a lot of people bought the game 101-in-1 Megamix, which will be necessary for using the TN-V4 eCFW (and kernel exploit) at the PS Vita Firmware 3.01, but there seems to be a problem with the game itself, when you are using a non-japanese PSN account with an asian PS Vita. But what is this problem and where does it come from?

The problem is actually pretty simple:
The asian PS Vita devices have the function of the X and the O button swapped. You confirm with O and decline with X (It is the other way around at european, american, australian, etc. devices). This little difference is the problem, that does not let you play Megamix when you are using an asian device with the non-asian Megamix game.

Usually the games adapt to the button swap, and therefore X will become decline and O will become confirm, but it seems that Megamix does not adapt to this, and that is the reason why you can not play the game, because no confirm button exists.

Left: JP Version; Right: EU Version

The first logical step would be to ask Sony for a refund, since the game is unplayable at an unmodified device, but I suggest you to NOT do it right now. Why? I will tell you why!

At first let us take a look how using games at the PS Vita works:

The first step is, that you need to own the game at your PSN Account, if it is a digital copy of the game, like our Megamix game.
Then, after you bought the game from the Store, you download the game to your device. This download includes a license file, which tells your device that you bought the game with your account and that you are allowed to use said game. If the license file is missing/corrupted/modified the Vita will simply report that the game can’t be played and that you should redownload the game to solve this problem (If there are some false information in this news, feel free to correct me).

But what does this has to do with the refund?

Well, when you refund the game, you lose access to said game, it will be made invalid for your PSN account. When you buy games, you buy the license to run the game, thats also why you can not play your digital games when your PSN Account got banned, you lose access to those licenses (Being said, this is illegal is several european countries, including germany).

But what does this ultimately has to do with Megamix and refunding it?

If you refund your Megamix game, you can not use it anymore to exploit your Vita to run TN-V4. The game will stop to work at your device when you refund it and you have no exploit game anymore. Even if the game would be still working, it would be a fraud to still use it, since your license is no longer valid.

I suggest you to NOT refund the game (yet), since you will need it to run TN-V4 at your device, if you want to use TN-V4. If you update past the firmware limit (Firmware 3.02+), then you can feel free to ask Sony for a refund, since Megamix will then be useless, since it will be patched in higher firmwares.

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