Total_Noob releases the 5th revision of his TN-V eCFW!

December 21, 2013

Even though Total_Noob just released TN-V4 and various fixes for his eCFW, he just released a 5th revision of his TN-V eCFW, which now adds some new neat features. Which features exactly? Well, how about we take a look at the fancy changelog.

The changelog of TN-V5

* Added ‘Plugins installer’ to recovery menu (Plugins -> Plugins installer ->).
* Added option to hide non-working items in XMB (these items will be hidden: Character Set, UMD Auto-Start, USB Auto Connect, Format Memory Stick, Power Save Settings, Network Settings and Remote Play).
* Added option to hide the volume bar in the home menu.
* Fixed bug that made some ISO’s showing as corrupt.
* Fixed plugin loading crash.
* Fixed autorun feature (also corrected its filename in recovery menu).
* Fixed the sleep-timer in music player. It’s cool, because the Vita’s music player doesn’t have this feature.
* Improved ‘Install Addon’ feature. Kxploit’ed homebrews, aka 1.50 homebrews can now be installed correctly.
ZIP’s which do not contain EBOOT.PBP don’t create corrupt icons anymore.
* Improved system stability. Hopefully there are no issues with FTP app and no blue screen of death anymore.
* Renamed ‘Hide CFW folders’ to ‘Allow anti-CFW games’. People who play DJMAX game should enable this.

Wow! This huge changelog surely looks fantastic! If you are already running TN-V4, just boot into the XMB, go to Settings -> System Update and then just update via network.

TN himself suggested that this is the best and easiest way to update, and you’ll be able to see the new fancy installer, which is a neat surpise.

How about a little showcase of what he added in his new TN-V5 eCFW?

Another nice thing I would like to tell you is, that, thanks to Qwikrazor, there are now exploit savedata files for nearly every game from our exploit game chart, with the exception of:

Everybody’s Tennis
Monster Hunter Freedom 2
Monster Hunter Portable 2ndG
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

PS Vita Exploit game chart

If you need any help with triggering the exploits, feel free to watch this compilation/playlist of youtube videos that Ive made for you guys, which exactly shows how to boot TN-V with said game at said firmware.

Nearly every released PS Vita usermode exploit is showcased, so enjoy this compilation of videos.

TN-V5 Source via:
TN-V5 Download: (new core files)
Alternative Downloads: (complete archives)

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