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September 12, 2012

We released VHBL for the Monster Hunter exploit yesterday, and despite my attempts to make this release quite user-friendly, many of you are running into issues while trying to use it. In this article I will do my best to give answers to the most frequent problems

I created a INSTALL.ZIP file and copied it to my Vita following the instructions, but VHBL can’t find the INSTALL.ZIP

The symptoms for this one are clear: you copied a savedata containing the INSTALL.ZIP to your vita, but when you try to install it from VHBL, VHBL just shows you the files inside the savedata (PIC1.PNG, etc…) and the INSTALL.ZIP is not even there!

The most likely cause for this is that the file you think was named INSTALL.ZIP is not correctly named. In particular, the uppercase matters, and the extension matters. INSTALL.ZIP is good, but is not good, is not good, and, the most frequent situation if you are a Windows noob: is not good.

The last one is the most interesting. By default Windows will not show you the extension for files it “knows” how to use. This is typical for zip file. So, as in the screenshot below, you will think that the file is named INSTALL.ZIP, while in fact its real name is To solve this, uncheck the hide extensions for known file types option in Windows

This is not good. You can tell by the fact that PIC1.PNG is named PIC1, and DATA.BIN is named DATA : Windows is hiding the file extensions, so INSTALL.ZIP is actually named here, which is no good

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