True Blue Finally Speaks Out! News Regarding Upcoming Dongle

July 23, 2012

With news rife about the recent CEX to DEX conversion one would have thought the dongle makers would simply close shop and explore other avenues. Not even a single whisper from the likes of True Blue regarding EBOOT patches and never mind the usual Sony like news we have become immune to regarding security updates. Well speaking of immune, here is the latest news directly from the horses mouth. True blue finally speaks out…

23 – 7 – 2012

The True Blue team will soon be launching an updated version of our dongle, hence our silence and lack of news/updates. The changes include a new style casing to help differentiate clones from the authentic True Blue dongles. The new version dongle will be compatible with EBOOT patches released to date, whilst existing authentic True Blue dongles in the market will continue to be supported in the same firmware releases. You can expect a spate of EBOOT releases shortly after the new version dongle is released. We also plan to include a lot of extra features for our loyal True Blue user base in upcoming firmware releases. which will also function seamlessly on existing authentic True Blue dongles.

We would also like to bring to our potential customers and existing users attention that the website: is selling FAKE dongles. We are in no way associated with them nor will we replace or support their fake dongles.

Information received suggests that they have not yet cloned our  new style packaging, so large qty’s of devices in the market which do NOT come packed in the packaging detailed  below (30-5-2012 news) are most likely fake.  We will continue to monitor the situation daily.

The upcoming new firmware releases will also block the clones and help users differentiate fakes from authentic dongles.

Upcoming firmware releases will block these fake devices and furthermore EBOOT’s will not support the clones. PB2 and JBking clone devices will also be blocked in the future and will not function correctly with our upcoming features!

We thank our customers for their continuing support and hope you will enjoy the coming features and EBOOT patches………

The clones sold by can be differentiated by checking the PCB inside the casing using the guide below, as previously posted in news.

Source: truebluejb2

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